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Ramadan 1444/2023

Special shout out to everyone in the community who helped clean and decorate MCC for Ramadan

Monthly Activities

  • Saturday Breakfast Club

    When: Salatul Fajr, 3rd Saturday of each month

  • Monthly Halaqah and Potluck Dinner

    When: 4th Friday of each month

  • Fiqh Classes

    When: Saturdays
    About: Come learn and understand the deep meaning and human understanding of the divine Islamic law as revealed in our Quran and the Sunnah revolving around it. Learn more about the practice and principles of our loving Prophet Muhammed (SAW) and his companions.

  • Tafseer Classes

    When: Mondays and Wednesdays
    About: Tafseer if Al Quran Kareem is one of the most instant ways to get close to Allah (SWT) and understand your religion. The Quran, along with Hadiths that were collected by Imam Malik, Imam Al-Bukhari, Imaan Al-Tirmidhi, etc. allow us to understand the meaning and context of the surahs that we memorize and read every day.

  • Tajweed Classes:

    When: Tuesdays
    About: A class for improving the recitation of the Quran and conform with the rules and pronunciation of the Holy Quran.

  • Seerahs

    When: Thursdays
    About: Learn about the insight, ethics, and the teachings of the prophets 'life. Listening more about the Seerah is a sure-fire way to increase your understanding and connection with Islam and it’s a beloved prophet.

All Classes are after Salatul Isha. The classes will resume after Ramadan