Quran and Tafseer Competition 2022

Event Date: April 30, 2022

Event Time: 2:00 pm

Event Venue: 16831 Hull Street Road Moseley, VA 23120

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Event Address: 16831, Hull Street Road, Moseley, Virginia, 23120, United States.

Quran Competition Rules

General Tafseer Marking Guide
  • 1- Written test (10 multiple choices for Level 4& 5- and 5 multiple choices for Level 2&3)
  1. Accuracy e.g. is the recitation correct/incorrect
  2. Fluency
  3. Makhaarij (most important)
  4. General Rules of Tajweed
  • Will carry out a brief on the rules and the marking system before the competition.
  • The judges’ decision will be final, with no appeal.
  • They will judge every aspect very critically.
  • The judges may be male or female. Participants will not be able to request to be assessed by a particular judge
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Questions Accuracy 30 points ( 2 points per mistake) Fluency 20 points (2 points per mistake) Makharij 20 points (2 points per mistake) Tajweed 30 points (1point per mistake) Total

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