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Fasting on Sacred Days

Question: When should we observe fasts on sacred days?
Sacred days are the days that come after sacred nights. For example, Friday night is the night that connects Thursday to Friday.

The Night of Barat:
It is the 15th night of the month of Sha'ban. Its day is the day that follows this night; that is, its day is Sha'ban 15. One who wants to fast should fast this day. If it coincides with Friday or Saturday, one should also fast a day before it or after it. A hadith-i sharif says:
(Spend the night of 15th of Sha'ban performing acts of worship and its day fasting. Allahu ta'ala declares on that night, "Isn't there anyone to seek forgiveness, so that I shall forgive? Isn't there anyone to ask for sustenance, so that I shall give sustenance? Isn't there anyone who has trouble, so that I shall grant health and well-being? Anyone can ask for anything, so that I shall give it." This state lasts until daybreak.) [Ibn Maja]

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About Us

Welcome to the website for the Muslim Community Center of Chesterfield (MCC) a non-profit organization.  Located in the heart of Chesterfield, VA.   MCC will strive to provide a facility for prayers, education, youth foundation and community service for the Muslim community of the greater Richmond/Chesterfield area. MCC  is the first project in the Greater Richmond area to establish a community center for the community at large, and the site is located on Hull Street Rd, just 6 miles West of  RT 288.

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99 Names of Allah

99Names of Allah

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